Raspberry Pi

What you need for the internet radio

Here you can see what you will need to realize the internet radio by yourself.

Necessary components:

Name Description Foto Price
 Computer  with

  • Micro SD card reader
  • LAN socket
  • WLAN
   Depending on what you want
 Raspberry Pi  This is the single-board Computer described in the post before    Approximately 43,89€
 Micro USB charger  Just a normal charger, like the one for your smart phone    Approximately 9,85€
 RJ-45 Patch cable (LAN cable)  A normal LAN cable you probably already have one    Approximately
 Micro SD card  Minimum 4GB    Approximately
 Wireless USB Adapter  Adapter for the Raspberry Pi to communicate with your WLAN-Router    Approximately
 Speaker  Speaker with external socket and phone jack    Approximately

Recommended components:

Name  Description  Foto Price
 Multi socket  For easiest handling use one with a toggle switch    Approximately

Another interesting link is the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Starter Kit.
Here are a lot of things included that you need for this internet radio.

Full prize without the Computer (because everyone has one): 90,52€

Do not be scared by this high price! Probably you already have most of the items you need at home. I think it is realistic to buy a few items to have a cool internet radio project. Also you can do several other things with a technical device like the Raspberry Pi. Just search a bit for other bloggers and you will find other interesting projects you can build. But now start with your own internet radio!


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