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13 Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube

These Shortcuts will help you to navigate through Videos without using the mouse. You can forward, rewind, play and pause a video. But you can also jump to the search bar to search for your next Video and Tab around to hit enter and the next Video will start. Scan trough the following tables to find the shortcuts you need. Have fun watching!

Video Shortcuts

These Shortcuts will work when you already clicked on the video or the video is in focus. You can simply try out if it is in focus by hitting the spacebar.

Shortcut Action
Spacebar or k Pause/Play
Left arrow(5 seconds) j(10seconds) Rewind
Right arrow(5seconds) l(10seconds) Forward
Up Arrow/DownArrow Increase/Decrease Volume
Numbers 0-9 Jump to a certain section of the Video (0=0%,1=10%,…9=90%)
f Switch to full-screen
. Move forward 1 frame when video is paused
, Move backward 1 frame when video is paused
m Mute/unmute the Video
Search Bar

These shortcuts will work when the video is not focussed, like mentioned before.

Shortcut Action
/ Jump to the Search Bar of YouTube
Tab Jump from Video to Video or from source to source on YouTube (Just try it out)
Playlist Shortcuts
Shortcut Action
Shift+P Previous Video in playlist
Shift+N Next Video in Playlist

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