How to set up the Raspberry Pi internet radio

In the last part of the Raspberry Pi series I will show you how I set up the internet radio for optimal use.

As you can see I installed the Raspberry Pi (with Wireless USB adapter) and the speaker on a multi socket with toggle switch. Now I can easily turn the radio on and off by using the toggle switch. I am using this system for over a year now and there are no issues with it so far. You have to make sure that the whole system is in range for the WLAN router though. When you place the Raspberry Pi on the very outer border of the WLAN signal it can occur that it looses connection sometimes. You can try out which distance fits for you.


Here you can see the finished Raspberry Pi internet radio with a case.

Maybe you noticed that I have a case for my Raspberry Pi. I would highly recommend to use a case because it protects the Raspberry against water and dust. Also it doesn’t look like you are having a circuit board lying around. Here you have a direct Amazon link to the case I am using here and a link to another case I really like.

Let me know if you want me to show you more projects with the Raspberry Pi!

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