How to connect your computer with the Raspberry Pi

First of all you need to connect the Raspberry Pi with the USB charger to a socket. After this you need to connect your Raspberry Pi with your Router with a LAN cable. Your Computer must be connected to the same Router as well.

Now you need to navigate with your Browser to the Interface of your Router and look up the list of the connected devices to find the Raspberry Pi in it. Very often the address is but it can differ from Router to Router. If this is not the address to your Routers interface you can google the model of the Router to find it or look it up in the manual. After you logged in you can look up the current LAN connections and find your Raspberry Pi.

Here I can see that the Raspberry Pi has the IP which we will need after the next step. In your case this IP could differ to mine but this doesn’t matter. Just remember yours.

Now you need to download putty which is a little program that helps to connect to the Raspberry Pi. Click on the download link and once it’s finished downloading you can open the file by just double clicking it. You don’t need to install anything to run this program.

Now enter the IP into the field Host Name (or Ip adress) and click open.

The prompt that comes up is asking if you really want to connect to the Raspberry Pi and you simply hit yes.

Everything went fine if you now see this:

In the next tutorial of this series we will log into the Raspberry Pi and install the programs for the internet radio.

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