How to Concentrate

Everyone knows this circumstance you have to concentrate but you can’t at the moment. Very often this appears while you have to study or work on projects and you are kind of stuck with this. In my case I am not concentrated when I am working for too long on something or the work is not exciting at all. In the following I will present you how I get my focus back and finish my programming projects faster. There is no guarantee that this is working for you too but you can try it out or find the best solution that fits for you.

As mentioned before I am not concentrated when I am already working for a lot of hours on something. I recognise this when I do stupid mistakes or just think very one-sided. Sometimes I even think about other stuff I want to do after programming and at this point I know I need to do something to concentrate better. Mostly I tend to do a break but this is a very dangerous move when you should finish something in time. For example watching Tv as a break is very risky because probably you won’t come back to work again. Even if you say that you will watch Tv for only 30 minutes and work again afterwards there is a chance you forget about the time and end up sitting in front of the Tv for hours. As a solution I tend to do tasks that have a clear ending. For example you could do the dishes as a break. This decision is like a win-win situation for you. Your brain will get the break it needs and you do the dishes which you have to do anyway. The major advantage of this is that after a few minutes you are finished with doing the dishes and can go back to work. Don’t make the mistake and do more tasks afterwards. Probably you end up with a clean apartment but haven’t finished your work anyway.

On the other hand motivation is a major problem while working on programming projects or studying. A good solution for this problem is a little rewarding system. You just set a certain goal in your progress as the point of rewarding. Now you are motivated to finish the next task and eat your delicious pice of cake afterwards. But don’t set your goals to easy and don’t set yourself some time goals. If you say after 2 more hours of coding I will reward myself with this pice of cake you probably always look on your watch and tend to work slower because you just want the time to be over and don’t really work for finishing your project.

Sometimes you are just stuck and can’t think about a solution to your problem. In this situation you have to over think everything you have done so far. But that’s not so easy when you are focused on a certain problem. In this case it could be useful to work on something else and come back to it later. Also you could go jogging or doing other sports. I think sports really help you to clear your mind and rethink the whole situation you are stuck in. Also it’s a good thing to do in a break. You can just go jogging and be back on your project after 30 minutes.

You can read more about related themes that might help you to concentrate better in some other post’s from me. For example a tidy working place might help you to concentrate on the important things as well. Music can have a great impact on your concentration and on your whole workflow too. Also I always make plans with certain milestones to archive my goals on time. The room you are working in can be ver important too. Read more about this topics by clicking on the links.

Sometimes you are concentrated but don’t know what you can do next. It’s a big problem to find new good projects. Very often it is because of the lack on inspiration. You can read more about how to find your next project here.

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