Find words in text from camera feed

Recently I found a little tool in the Google Play Store I want to present to you guys. It is called “Find words in text from camera feed” and that’s basically what it’s all about. You can define lists of words you are interested in. After defining these lists you can activate or deactivate the lists. When opening the camera tab the app will recognize the text from the camera feed and will search the activated lists for these words. If there are recognized words that also appear in the activated lists the words will be marked in the camera feed. This allows to quickly find out if a text contains specific words or not.

I personally use it to find the text passages I am really interested in. I will provide some screenshots for you to get a better idea of what the app exactly does. In this example the recognized word is customer and I can see all occurrences of this word.

What do you think of this tool? Do you have any other suggestions or can you provide other apps that are also useful for such purpose.

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