The Fidget Cube – How to release stress and keep your hands busy

The Fidget Cube is a little toy you can hold in your hand while reading, working, watching videos or Tv. It can help you to release stress with its various possibilities to keep your hand busy. It has six sides with six applications on it. So for releasing stress or keeping your hands busy you can do the following things:

CLICK – 5 buttons you can press, 3 with noise and 2 silenced

GLIDE – similar to a joystick on a controller

FLIP – A toggle switch that is silence when used slow

BREATHE – A notch to rub for releasing stress

ROLL – 3 gears and a ball to move around

SPIN – disk to spin around

For a better overview you can click on the Picture and will be directed to an Amazon site where you can have a look how the different sides look like.

But why should you buy this little cube? For me it is a serious problem that I can’t hold my hands still while working in the office. Every time I am reading something I am playing with a pen lying around on the desk. Every few weeks I break the cap of the pen or the pen itself. This is really annoying and sometimes it is even worse. The ink leaks from the pen and the whole desk is covered with it. After this incident I decided to change something on my behavior. But I can’t stop fidgeting around. So I decided to not change my behavior and I started searching for a good replacement for the pen. Then I stumbled over the Fidget Cube and after I watched the promotion Video I was sure that I really need the Fidget Cube. I immediately ordered the one you can see by clicking on the picture above. The next day the Fidget Cube arrived (Thanks to my Amazon Prime Account) and I was very curious about it.

I started playing around with it for a while and after a few minutes it wasn’t like actively playing anymore. It started to be a passive behaviour and it just really satisfied my urge to fidget. So I decided to take it with me to my office the next day. It was amazing I was fidgeting like everyday but there was no possibility to create an accident with it. Also it is really nice to have all these different applications with it so you can satisfy your urge to fidget in every possible way.

Even a few months later I am happily using the Fidget Cube in the office thought you have to choose the application you use to fidget wisely because the 3 clickers with noise and the flip are really loud. Therefore I can’t use this applications in the office but I am okay with this restriction.

All in all I would highly recommend the Fidget Cube to everyone that can’t held his hands tight and need something to release some stress.

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