Raspberry Pi

About the Raspberry Pi

First things first!

A Raspberry Pi is not a cake it is a single-board computer. Everything you need is included in this little computer.You start working with it right from the beginning. It can be connected to your Computer and to the internet. There are various things you can do with it and in this series I will show you how you can turn into a radio that plays an internet radio. The Raspberry Pi is a very versatile little computer and looks like in the picture above.

It has various possibilities to connect something to it. Cameras, microphones, speaker, LEDs and more things are possible. To handle what the Raspberry Pi should do you need to connect your Pc with it. In this series I want to build a little automatic internet radio with the Raspberry Pi. The advantage of this internet radio is that you can turn it on by connecting the Raspberry Pi to electricity. With this construction you can easily turn on the internet radio with your favourite music even if you are very sleepy. (One press to a toggle switch) Then you can do whatever you want while listening to great music. One press on the toggle switch and it will turn off again.

In the next seven posts I will describe:

And now I wish you good luck and much fun with this series to the Raspberry Pi. Please comment below the posts if something is unclear or not working.

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