8 Habits of Productive People

Here I have collected some habits of highly productive people for you. If you operate as written below your productivity will increase and you probably have more time for other things.

Also you will get your projects done faster. I read a really interesting book about this theme and I will cover some main points out of it here. This book is all about the secrets of productive people and you should read it to gather more information’s that could be important for you but are not displayed in this post. For further information you can buy it yourself by simply clicking on the Picture. You will be directed to Amazon where you can buy it. It will be a great help for you to work more efficient and effective. Enough of the book, lets just jump into the topic and begin with the first and most important habit of highly productive people.


1. Focus on the important

The most important point is to focus on what you want to do. It sounds easy but it can be really frustrating when you put much effort into something and work as hard as you can, but on the wrong thing. Before you start a new task or a project you should make sure that you have everything to get it done and you should be aware of the things that are important. If you have a bad overview on your task create a ranking of your tasks sorted by importance. After this you start with the most important task and get step by step to the least important one. This will help you to work on the right things. There is an interesting article about focusing itself in the Workflow Category. You can search it there or simply click on the Link to read further information about concentrating and focusing on your projects.

2. Remove everything that limits

For sure it is important to remove everything that limits your productivity. But how to archive this? For this you have to make sure that you optimize your Workplace like I described in this article about optimizing the workplace. But even more important is to get your priorities right. To accomplish your project it should be your priority number one and you should do everything to get it done. It could be a good habit to turn off your smart phone while working. To check your E-Mails or look at funny videos of cats won’t help you to finnish your project t. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun or free time anymore but make sure it’s not in the time you reserved for working. This is the perfect transition to the next topic:

3. Prepare Schedules

To have a schedule is really important for your workflow. It really helps you to focus on your work. With a schedule you can make sure that you work a certain time on your project and the other time you can do whatever you want to do. You can read more about schedules and how to create them in this article in the Workflow category. It is important to schedule some breaks too because you are working like a machine from now on but you aren’t one. That’s why you should plan on breaks too but more about this theme in topic number 5.

4. Set Milestones

It is also really important to define milestones in your schedule. Milestones will help you to focus on the important tasks and make sure that you can reach your goals in time. But its important to set your milestones realistic and in a way they are useful for you. From now on you have to reach your milestones in time, don’t make any exceptions!

5. Take breaks when needed

It doesn’t make any sense to work when you are exhausted or not focused. You have to take breaks when you need breaks. Make sure you calculate with this while creating your schedule. It’s pretty normal that you need breaks and you should take the signals of your body seriously. Try to do something in your break that really relaxes you. But make sure you will be back on work on time. It won’t help you in you progress to watch 5 hours Tv as a break. You can read more about this important habit in my article about how to concentrate on your projects.

6. Automated tasks

It’s a good habit to have some automatisms in your workflow. You can have the habit to do things in a certain way and if you do it frequently you will be better and faster with it. Also you should delegate tasks. This will help you to get the tasks done without doing anything for it. It’s a good alternative for people who don’t have enough time to do their tasks.

Personally I have a few scripts that help me to do some tasks that I have to do frequently. It took some time to create these scripts but it’s worth it afterwards. Now I have to press a button, wait a few minutes and my task is done. That’s a great time saver.

7. Smart time management

As mentioned before you can save time with scripts and delegating. But it’s also important to have a good time management. The schedule mentioned in point number 3 will really help you with this. The calculated time to work and the milestones will be a great addition to the schedule. It’s important you do the best with your time! The time you invest in a project should be used as good as possible. The combination from all points mentioned before will help you to accomplish this.

8. Getting things done

The last point is one of the most important mentioned here. You need to reach your goals to get your project done. For this it’s very important to define goals/milestones for your project. After you reached all the goals your project is done! Make sure you define your goals before you start with your project. This will help you with focussing on the important things. Sometimes it is a problem that while programming you have other ideas and try to implement them as well. This is a really bad habit! You should focus on what you want to do and then just do it. Realize the project you defined before you start with it!

Leave a comment below and read the book mentioned at the beginning to gather more informations about this interesting theme.

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