6 Websites every Web developer needs to know

Here I present you the websites I use while web developing. For sure you won’t need all of them to create something but they will help you. Some sites are really one-sided to developing with html for example so you maybe need some other sites to archive your goals. Some sites for CSS and JavaScript might be useful as well.

Feel free to try out the sites and give feedback about your experience.


This is a picture of the website stackoverflow. It's a great source for every programmer.

Stackoverflow is jut a really great source for every programmer! You can ask questions about a problem and can help others by their problems. On this website is a great community for nearly every programming language. So you can find a lot of solutions for something you want to accomplish in your project. Try it out by just googling your problem and Stackoverflow behind this. You will find something I guarantee it!


w3school the best source for every web developer.


This is what it says on their website and it really is a great website for web developing. You can find a great documentation to everything HTML and CSS related always prepared with examples and further information’s. You can find a lot to JavaScript, PHP, SQL and jQuery as well.

I really love W3school!


YouTube is a video portal but has a great source of tutorials for web development.

Sounds a bit stupid but YouTube can really help you. For some problems a video can be more helpful than just text or code. YouTube is a great source for beginners. You can find a beginner tutorial to every programming language and a lot of further tutorials to really complex themes. Just try it out when you have no clue how to solve a certain problem.


Selfhtml is a german website for people who want to learn web development.

This website is a specific one for germans. Here you have a really good documentation for the basic HTML knowledge. I can highly recommend this website to everyone who wants to learn HTML and is not the best in reading and understanding english.


HtmlGoodies is a great source for learning some new html things.

Here you have some more advanced knowledge about HTML. This source is great for learning something new but finding something to a specific theme you need to know now is not that easy. It’s a good idea to use this website as a web development beginner.


On CSS-Tricks you can learn a lot about CSS which is needed to create a pretty website.

CSS-Tricks is great for learning tricks with CSS obviously. You will need CSS to make your HTML website look great and this is a good source to learn some specific CSS things.


Also very important for a good website are very good pictures. I made an overview of websites I use to get free images for commercial use here. Check it out if you are interested.

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