How to Optimize Your Workplace

Another important aspect for a good workflow beside concentration (click to see my post to this theme) is a tidy workplace you can work on. By this I mean that there has to be everything you need for working on your projects without interruptions. At first you will need a bottle of water on your workplace. Sounds trivial but it’s useful as well. This will help you to drink enough and to take short breaks after you finished a section of your work. After drinking you can focus on the new task and can see the last task as a complete section.

It’s also very important to have all the worksheets and the required documents on your workplace. It depends on you if you rather want them digital or printed out. But make sure you don’t have to stand up from your work once you started it.

Personally, I like to have some gum on my workplace because without chewing I would clench teeth and this can get uncomfortable or even hurt after a long day of work. You should provide some specific things you need to work too. I can’t imagine what this is for you. Probably you should try out what fits best for you. But be carefull of what you choose because some things can be really distracting or time-consuming. For this reason I leave my smart phone in another room or in my bag. If you tend to look on your smartphone very often too you should do the same. It saves a lot of time! Distracting is in fact one of the most important points. You should put everything that is not work related away from your workplace. Even if this are only some other documents or other unnecessary things. If you don’t need them for work put them away. You will see you workplace is very tidy now and this helps to focus on what you want to do.

Also you should use your workplace exclusively for working! After you finished your work and want to do something else do it somewhere else. Your workplace should be a place to work and only a place for this. Your mind will change after you get used to this habit. When you are used to work on your workplace you will do it in the future too. I know this is a very difficult task especially when you only have one desk for you at work but I guarantee this will help a lot. If you are working from home it can be really useful to have a special place where you work and nothing else. For example in your workroom or in the basement. When there is no possibility to create a place like this you can go to another place. For example you could work in the library or in special working labs/stations. There are various possibilities for this. To change the location for working is a very good habit and you should try it out for you!

Now start with creating your very own workplace and post a picture of your tidy workplace!

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