15 Websites With Beautiful Free Stock Pictures

If you want to use Pictures on your Website or somewhere else and don’t want to create a picture by yourself you need free stock pictures. Here you can find a collection of websites I use to get free images for my projects. But first some important advices:

If you want to use pictures from this sites for your business you will need a license that is free for commercial use. (Otherwise just free for private use)

Sometimes you need to add an attribution to the creator of the picture you want to use.

The CC0 license is what you are looking for. (For commercial use and without attribution)

Here are some links to websites that provides you with free stock pictures:


This website is by far my favorite site because it has a Data base of over 840,000 pictures which is quite huge. Also all pictures are free for commercial use and you don’t have to add an attribution to the creator of the picture.


What I really like on Stocksnap is that you can search for trending pictures or the date it was uploaded. Just like on Pixabay every picture has the CC0 license.

Stock up

The Data base on Stock up is really not that big but I like that it also searches on other sites that provide Free Stock Fotos.


Pexels has really nice Fotos and also CC0 license. It’s worth a try.


Here you can find a lot of impressive pictures and you can download them for free or get a premium account for higher resolution.


CC0 license but not much Fotos you can choose from.


This website is really pretty just as the Fotos on it.


SplitShire provides pictures with CC0 license and it’s really worth it when you are searching for an extraordinary picture.


This website just looks awesome and has some really good Fotos witch CC0 license. But the collection is not really great.

Negative Space

What is really like on Negative Space is that you can search for Color and Copy Space Position of the pictures which can be really helpfull. All picture with CC0 license. One of the better websites in this list!


Here you can also search for Tags and get CC0 licensed pictures


Not much pictures you can choose from but the pictures they have are really pretty.


Only 800+ Fotos but I personally like them and used a few in the past.

Im free

Here you can find really pretty pictures from nature and cityscapes that came with CC0 license.


This site is really not that good because the pictures costs a lot. Even though I use this site to get an impression of what I am really searching for.


If you know some really good sites I did not metioned let me know.

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